Client/Member Testimonials


"I like all the staff and how they take me to turn in my pop cans and bring me to the parades."

- Tim Storkamp

"Staff bring me to the store to buy pop and go out to eat."

- Danny Cipala


"The cognitive therapy has helped me a lot when I look to weed out what is important and what is not!  I am a stay at home mom who would like to go more, but babysitters are always an issue!"

- Erin Welsh, MS Member


"The staff are very friendly and supportive."

- LuAnn Klein, MS Member


"I just want to thank OMI for opening its doors to the local MS community & building a safe, fun, supportive environment!  It's so important, in our efforts to BOLDY THRIVE in our humanity, to have a place to belong, and to feel excitement and anticipation about participating!  Thank You!

- Marie Freed, MS Member

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Staff Testimonials

"I enjoy making a difference in other people's lives whether caring for them or bringing them joy.  This not only helps them but also helps me to become the best version of myself." 

- Cassie Siegal

"Pathway to Opportunities (PTO) provides a safe and fun place for consumers. Not just consumers from within Opportunity Matters, but for consumers from independent living situations, other group homes, and other day services.

I've gotten the privilege to watch our consumers grow and develop their skills in life; from basic cooking skills – which is a big step for some – all the way to them not even needing our services any more due to them succeeding at all we could teach them. I've enjoyed watching consumers of all ages, and from all different kinds of backgrounds, come into this company and make great friends and hopefully have some memories that will never be forgotten.

PTO has consumers that come in for many different reasons; some for stuff like schooling, others to help develop work skills. But our main goal at PTO is to help each consumer become more independent and more able to help themselves through life.

I am very proud to say that I am a part of that. PTO has an amazing staff that is there with intentions of only helping our consumers. It is truly a sight to see when you observe how well our staff come together to help each individual consumer in whatever it is that they may need. Quoting a song by the music group, Point Of Grace, "It’s not what you did or who you knew, it’s how you live." I hope that every one of our consumers lives the best life they can and that they take in everything this world has to offer them."

- Matthew Karow

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Family / Guardian Testimonials

"My mom is getting overwhelmed with it all, especially as he declines faster and faster. It's so hard. It's also very hard on my two siblings who also live at home. But, we just take it one day at a time. There are days when it's easier and we count those days as blessings. I don't know how they do it. Honestly, the day program is the only thing that has kept the family from collapsing. I truly believe that. What you guys do is invaluable. I am always happy to hear that my dad still enjoys his time there, even though he isn't as engaged in activities and conversation like he once was. And I'm happy to hear that he has a friend there that looks out for him.  Thanks again for everything you do! We are grateful.

- Jessica Petron

"OMI has provided a semi-independent, safe environment for my son.  I know if he would have remained in our home he would not have the same level of independence."

- Dana Laudenbach

"Our son has grown so much in the past years.  Being involved with Opportunity Matters has helped him so much!"

- Jill Sapeth


"I am very pleased with the care my brother receives at Manor II,  his home.  He enjoys his involvement with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and softball, etc."

- Ray Teders


"I think the staff at Foster 9 does a great job!"

- Roger Storkamp


"OMI compares very well to other residential alternatives I serve guardian to clients in, supervise social work interns in - it is the best!"

- Tom Keaveny


"OMI is a great place and I would highly recommend it to others!"

- Pete Gerads

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Friend Testimonials

"Thank you so much for inviting me into your home on 16th St. I learned a lot from visiting with the residents and staff, such as the family unit which formed from a group of people living together. I honestly felt a happy energy of a family working and playing together. I felt compelled to send you a letter to tell you how impressed I am. I really enjoyed my visit with all of you. I found it difficult to leave because it was so easy to be sucked into your family unit. Everyone worked so hard to take care of each other's needs."

- Kathy Matthes, Rasmussen College Nursing Student


"Thank you for placing me in Foster 7 for my Service Learning experience.  I am so grateful to have met all the clients and the staff this semester!  They made my Tuesday nights fun and worthwile.  This experience opened my eyes to see how a simple presence of self can make someone else's day.

I wrote my Service Learning Reflection paper on how well OMI attains to the every day needs of their clients.  The four elders I worked with are so lucky to have you all in their lives.  You promote physical activity, nutritional health, physical therapy exercises, social stimulation, proper etiquette/manners, and so much more that may not be present in their lieves if they weren't at Foster 7.  I look up to you all for doing something so great with your life - helping people who truly need it.  I was inspired by this experience and I hope that in the future I can impact others' lives like your staff does every day!

I wanted to let you know that your staff at Foster 7 does a fantastic job.  I admired their constant positive attitudes, patience, and utmost care for the clients each day.  Those four are in great hands.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!"

-Megan Lawson, College of St. Benedict IHS Major


"This week I had the opportunity to visit Foster 9, and I would just like to thank you for the chance to get to know the amazing and loving people who reside there.  They welcomed me with open arms, as well as the staff who spend most of their time there.  The experience has changed my life for the better and I was extremely sad when I had to leave.  I am so happy to know that your company provdies such wonderful services with such wonderful staff.  The clients will always have a special place in my heart.  Thank you again for such an amazing opportunity."

- Courtney Haedt, Rasmussen College Nursing Student


"I have been working with Opportunity Matters for close to a decade.  I visit their homes probably 8-12 times a year and many of these visits are unannounced.  In all of those visits I have never seen anything but kindness and professionalism from OMI's staff towards their clients.  I am happy to personally donate to OMI's fundraising efforts as I feel they are a caring and professional asset to some of this communities most vulnerable members."

- Walter Peck, Multiple Concepts Interiors

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